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The Association 500 Women Scientists Switzerland is an umbrella non-profit organization that supports networking of female-identifying individuals and gender minorities in science and research, as well as science communicators and administrators of research funds in Switzerland.

Our goals are:

Organizing exchange and networking activities with women in STEMM

Advocacy to improve the working conditions of women scientists

Engagement in science communication

The members of the association are divided as follows:

  • Full members

  • Associated members

  • Honorary members

Our first steering committee was hold online on the 8th of February 2022 

500WS Switzerland.png

From left to right, top to bottom, Andrea Fortier (Full Member), Claudia Kasper (The Chair), Oksana Iamshanova (Networking Officer), Giovanna Brancati (The Vice-Chair), Serafina Calarco (The Treasurer), Ana I. Benítez Mateos (The Secretary).

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