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Do you consider yourself as non racist? Hear out what Reni Eddo-Lodge has to say about that in her book “Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race”. As a young black woman journalist, Reni raises her voice to tell us how racism feels in everyday life and that thinking “I am race blind” might be too idealistic to be really true.

Acoso #MeToo en la ciencia española is a book (in Spanish) about sexual harassment and sex-based discrimination in universities and public research institutions. It combines interviews and analyses to provide an up-to-date overview about questions such as: What defines those types of misbehaviors? How are they regulated? What is known about sexual stalkers? What difficulties are faced by people having these problems? 


Voting Day is a short novel that takes place on 1 st February 1959. It is the story of four Swiss women whose lives are connected by the fate of a child on the referendum day, which was rejected by a majority of 67% (of men, of course).

Invisible Women is a book that puts on the spotlight how the lack of data and/or the misuse of available data reduces women’s quality of life or even puts us at risk. The discussion of gender discrimination goes beyond domestic and street violence, gender discrimination at work, bulling or sexual harassment. She puts on the table tons of statistics on how women and women’s needs are overlooked,


The authority gap

Have you ever felt that it is on you to initiate a conversation with a male colleague that ends up being only about him? Have you ever been interrupted when expressing your ideas? Have you been ignored in a meeting? In this book you will learn that this happens very often to women.

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