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Dr. Lucia Rotheray

I am a mathematician, teacher and STEM communicator. My PhD work was on combinatorial Hopf algebras, a topic which sits at the intersection of combinatorics, algebra and sometimes theoretical physics.

My focus is now on teaching and outreach. Whether in a lecture theatre, a classroom or on social media, I love to share the fun and playful side of maths, science and languages. Working and studying in maths and physics departments, I have seen the "leaky pipeline" in action and heard the frustrations of many women and other marginalised people trying to pursue STEM careers. I believe that to address the inequalities in academia we need to make changes both in our day-to-day life (How do we talk to our students? Who do we choose to work with?) and on the level of policy (How is harassment dealt with? Who has access to education?). I joined 500 Women Scientists to find a like minded community and to support their work in outreach, peer support and demands for structural change.

Dr. Lucia Rotheray
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