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Sabnam Mahat

I am a PhD student at Institute of Geography, University of Bern. I work with heavy metal - mercury pollution in soil and terrestrial food chain. I am interested in mercury biomonitoring in Swiss terrestrial environment, biomagnification of mercury in terrestrial food chains using non-invasive methods of sampling, measuring mercury concentration in apex predators like wolves and lynx to assess bioaccumulation and biomagnification in the higher trophic levels and assessing temporal variations in mercury concentrations.

I am an environmental scientist with previous education in environment science, specialization in water and sanitation, health and development and also worked with microplastics in soil and sediments.

I believe in creating and maintaining gender equal opportunities in STEM globally. Communicating science is important to have an outreach, encourage women to continue career in STEM and strive for equal recognition. Being a part of 500WS pod is one of the ways I can support and advocate gender equality in academia. It provides me and many other women scientists, a platform to voice our views, a community for women in STEM to exchange research ideas and reinforce our demands for fair inclusion in academia.

Sabnam Mahat
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