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I am a mathematical physicist and I am interested in interdisciplinary questions on the border of theoretical Physics (String theory) and Mathematics. I did my Phd in Germany between the DESY and Mathematics departments in Hamburg and after that, I was working as a Postdoc Researcher in the Albert Einstein Institute at the University of Bern and Max Planck Institute in Bonn. My research focus is on Topological Quantum Field Theory. 


I participated in several science outreach activities such as

1. Speaker of International day of women in STEM, Accra.

2. Open day in DESY, Hamburg.

3. CareerDay of Schools, Bern.

4. Nacht der Forschung, Bern.


I joined 500WS to network with other women scientist and I would like to contribute to science activities for the public. I am interested in activities to motivate young girls about STEM. I believe that most of the gender distinctions resulting in the stunning minority of women in mathematical sciences are attributed to a differentiation in the early stages of education. I am interested in outreach projects focused on removing such differences.

Dr. Nezhla Aghaei

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